Managed VPS with cPanel

High powered VPS servers, fully managed. Available in 30 cities worldwide.

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$ 44
Per month
  • 2 vCPU Cores
  • 80GB SSD
  • 4GB Memory
  • 3TB Bandwidth
  • Does Not Include Licenses


$ 64
Per month
  • 4 vCPU Cores
  • 160GB SSD
  • 8GB Memory
  • 4TB Bandwidth
  • Does Not Include Licenses


$ 108
Per month
  • 6 vCPU Cores
  • 320GB SSD
  • 16GB Memory
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • Does Not Include Licenses
Includes everything you need for cPanel or DirectAdmin hosting:

Choice of 30 Global Data Centers · IPv4 and IPv6 · Choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin licenses, plus CloudLinux and Imunify360
Fully managed by our team of server admins · Full root access · 24x7 Technical Support

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“Corner Host is very easy to work with especially for someone as unsophisticated and techno-challenged like me.”

David M.
Edmonton, Canada
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“I have used Corner Host for around 15 years now. Very knowledgeable staff. Thank you!”

Susan M.
Tennessee, USA
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“As a first-time web builder, I found their templates extremely easy to use.”

Tami S.
Pennsylvania, USA
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Unlock the Future: Managed VPS with cPanel for Secure, Scalable Hosting

In the bustling world of web hosting, we're always on the lookout for solutions that blend performance with ease of use. That's where managed VPS with cPanel comes into play. It's the powerhouse duo that's revolutionizing how we manage our online spaces. Whether you're a seasoned webmaster or just starting out, this combo promises to streamline your hosting experience.

Managed VPS hosting offers the perfect middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated servers, providing the scalability and dedicated resources we crave. When paired with cPanel, the world's leading web hosting control panel, managing our websites becomes a breeze. It's a match made in digital heaven, offering unparalleled control, flexibility, and ease of use. Let's dive into why managed VPS with cPanel is the go-to choice for web professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Benefits of Managed VPS with cPanel

When diving into the world of web hosting, choosing a Managed VPS with cPanel stands out as a strategic move for many reasons. This powerful combination offers unparalleled benefits, making it a top choice for both novices and seasoned web professionals alike.

Firstly, the major appeal of a managed VPS solution lies in its scalability. Unlike shared hosting, VPS allows for rapid expansion without the need to migrate to a new server. This means businesses can grow their online presence seamlessly, without interruptions or downtime. Coupled with cPanel, scalability becomes even more user-friendly, allowing for easy adjustments with just a few clicks.

Secondly, cPanel's intuitive interface revolutionizes server management. It simplifies tasks such as email management, domain hosting, and database administration, making technical server management tasks accessible to all skill levels. This significantly reduces the learning curve for new users, while offering powerful tools for advanced users.

Lastly, the blend of managed VPS with cPanel delivers robust security and reliability. With dedicated resources, your website runs smoothly, avoiding the common pitfalls of shared hosting environments like resource contention and security vulnerabilities. Add to this the 24/7 expert support that comes with managed services, and you've got a fortified solution that ensures your site remains secure, fast, and accessible around the clock.

Opting for a Managed VPS with cPanel not only elevates your hosting experience but also grants peace of mind, knowing that your online presence is built on a reliable, scalable, and user-friendly platform.

Performance Advantages of Managed VPS

When we discuss managed VPS, performance stands out as a pivotal factor that significantly sways users' decisions. For businesses and developers prioritizing speed and efficiency, understanding how managed VPS with cPanel boosts performance is crucial.

First and foremost, let's delve into the realm of dedicated resources. Unlike shared hosting, a managed VPS provides dedicated resources to your website. This means your site has its own allocation of RAM, CPU, and disk space, ensuring that your website’s performance is not impacted by other users' activities. This isolation of resources leads to faster loading times and enhanced stability, even during traffic spikes.

Another key performance advantage is the optimized server configuration. Managed VPS hosting providers often employ experts to configure and maintain the server. This specialized attention ensures that the server is optimized for speed and efficiency, tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s adjusting memory limits or tweaking server settings, these optimizations play a significant role in enhancing website performance.

Beyond these technical advantages, the inclusion of cPanel in a managed VPS environment simplifies task management. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy management of various tasks, from email setup to website maintenance, all contributing to a smoother, more efficient administration of your site.

In exploring the performance benefits, it's clear that managed VPS with cPanel offers an unparalleled solution for those seeking reliability and efficiency. It's not just about having a hosting service; it’s about empowering your online presence with stellar performance capabilities.

Features of cPanel Control Panel

In our exploration of Managed VPS with cPanel, it's crucial to dive into the features that make the cPanel Control Panel a standout choice for web hosting management. cPanel's intuitive interface and extensive toolkit simplify website and server management, making it accessible even for those with minimal technical expertise.

Ease of Use: One of cPanel's most celebrated features is its user-friendly interface. With clear categorizations and a graphical environment, navigating through various management tasks becomes seamless, from setting up emails to managing databases.

Security Features: cPanel comes equipped with robust security features designed to protect your website from threats. With tools like IP Deny Manager, SSL/TLS Manager, and Hotlink Protection, ensuring your site's safety is straightforward. Additionally, cPanel supports password-protected directories and offers easy access to backup options, safeguarding your data against any potential loss or breach.

Email Management: Efficiently managing email accounts is a breeze with cPanel. Users can easily create, edit, and delete email accounts. Features like spam filters, email forwarding, and autoresponders enhance email functionality, allowing for a more organized and professional communication channel.

File Management: cPanel provides comprehensive file management capabilities. With the File Manager, users can easily upload, edit, and manage web files without needing FTP access. This simplifies website updates and adjustments, offering a more direct way to control content.

Database Administration: For those who require database management, cPanel supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Through the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin interfaces, users can manage their databases effectively, performing operations like creating databases, adding users, and managing permissions.

Incorporating these features, cPanel empowers users with the ability to manage their hosting environment efficiently, reinforcing the benefits of opting for Managed VPS with cPanel. With a focus on usability, security, and comprehensive management tools, cPanel elevates the hosting experience, ensuring that websites operate smoothly and securely.

How Managed VPS Enhances Security

When it comes to hosting, security is a paramount concern. With Managed VPS hosting, we're at the forefront of safeguarding our digital assets. Managed VPS environments are tailored to enhance security, significantly reducing the vulnerabilities associated with shared hosting platforms. Here's how Managed VPS with cPanel does this:

Firstly, we benefit from dedicated resources. Unlike shared hosting, where resources are split among multiple users – potentially exposing our site to risks from other sites on the same server – Managed VPS offers exclusive server resources. This isolation not only boosts our website's performance but also shields us from cross-site infections and breaches.

Additionally, Managed VPS hosting with cPanel comes equipped with advanced security features. These include SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular malware scans. SSL certificates ensure that the data transferred between our website and its users is encrypted, making it difficult for malicious actors to intercept and misuse the information. Firewalls act as a barrier, filtering out unwanted traffic and blocking unauthorized access to our site. Meanwhile, regular malware scans help detect and remove any malicious software that may have penetrated our defenses.

Another critical aspect of Managed VPS hosting's security enhancement is the role of automatic updates. With cPanel, our hosting environment is consistently updated to include the latest security patches and software versions. This proactive approach keeps our website protected against newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Managed VPS hosting with cPanel provides us with a user-friendly interface to manage these security features. Through cPanel, we can easily implement or adjust our security settings, monitor our website's security status, and respond quickly to any potential threats. This combination of cutting-edge technology and ease of use ensures that our website's security is always a top priority.

By choosing Managed VPS with cPanel, we're not just getting a hosting solution; we're investing in a secure foundation for our online presence. Through dedicated resources, advanced security measures, and an accessible interface, Managed VPS hosting empowers us to protect our website efficiently and effectively.

The Future of Hosting: Managed VPS with cPanel

As the internet evolves, so do our expectations for hosting solutions. We're constantly seeking ways to enhance performance, security, and usability. It's why managed VPS with cPanel is not just a trend - it's the future. This powerful combination offers unparalleled control, flexibility, and most importantly, peace of mind for website owners.

First off, let's talk about scalability. Managed VPS environments are designed to grow with your website's needs. Whether you're experiencing a traffic surge or expanding your online operations, scaling up (or down) is seamless. And with cPanel, managing this scalability becomes as easy as a few clicks. No need for extensive technical knowledge or contacting support for every little change.

Security, as we've touched on, is another major advantage. Managed VPS with cPanel brings top-notch security features to the table, ensuring your data and your users' information remain protected against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world. Automated backups, proactive malware scanning, and SSL certificate management are just a few of the practices that make managed VPS with cPanel a fortress for your online presence.

Looking to the future, advancements in AI and machine learning are set to make managed VPS with cPanel even more intelligent. Imagine a hosting solution that not only reacts to issues as they arise but predicts and prevents them before they even happen. We're talking about a future where downtime is reduced to virtually zero, and website performance is optimized without manual intervention.

To sum up, embracing managed VPS with cPanel means equipping your website with a robust foundation that's ready for the future. It's an investment in not just hosting, but in a secure, scalable, and sophisticated online infrastructure that grows with you. And as we move forward, the potential for innovation and improvement in this space is truly exciting.


Opting for Managed VPS with cPanel isn't just about choosing a hosting service; it's about securing a future-proof online presence. With its unparalleled scalability and robust security features, it's clear that this technology is a smart investment for anyone serious about their online infrastructure. As we look ahead, the integration of AI and machine learning promises even more sophisticated solutions, ensuring our websites are not only protected but also primed for growth. Let's embrace the future of hosting together, confident in the knowledge that our digital assets are in capable hands.